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Which One Piece Pirate Crew Do You Belong To?

Have you ever wondered which pirate crew you would belong to if you were in “One Piece” anime/manga? Well, now you can find out! Solve this quiz, and we’ll tell you what pirate crew suits you the most. Is it Straw Hats, Red-haired pirates, Beast pirates, Big Mom pirates, Whitebeard pirates, Blackbeard pirates, Kuja pirates,

Top 100+ Hot Anime Guys – They Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Welcome to the Top 100+ Hot Anime Guys list! Prepare yourself for the road full of handsome, unique, and breath-taking male characters. From younger to a little older. Good boys and bad boys. From immortal to human. They are all different in their way. But, they have one thing in common. They truly will make

Top 15 Crazy Anime Girls – Insane Anime Girls Who Intrigue Us The Most

In anime, we can see a lot of different and interesting characters. Some of them intrigue us less, some of them intrigue us more. But, whatever the case, animes wouldn’t be so fun to watch without all those crazy and insane characters. They make animes more thrilling and they lead to an interesting plot and

Blue Rock New Manga by Maneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura

Blue rock new manga is out! Credits for the original work go to Maneyuki Kaneshiro. In addition, Yusuke Nomura is drawing the art for this new manga. They launched Blue Rock on the 1st of October 2018. in this year’s 35th issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. Furthermore, this new manga chapter has 82 pages. You may also

Manga Yuki Yuna is a Hero ends in a month!

Manga Yuki Yuna is a Hero ends soon! Indeed, Kadokawa Dengeki G’s Comic magazine announced the ending of this manga adaptation on 30th of July. According to them, manga Yuki Yuna is a Hero will end in the next issue. In other words, the manga will end on the 30th of August. You may also

Yu Yu Hakusho Screenshots Preview Before Screening

Yu Yu Hakusho screenshots preview is revealed. Bandai Namco Arts’ V-Storage revealed the screenshots. In fact, there are 12 screenshots in total where you can see some static scenes from the upcoming original animation. Additionally, the first six screenshots from Yu Yu Hakusho screenshots preview are from the “Two Shot” part. On the other hand,