Grand Blue manga gets an anime adaptation

Grand Blue manga gets an anime adaptation finally, this golden comedy manga is gonna get animated. For anyone wondering what this is all about. I’ll leave a brief summary of what Grand Blue is all about below.  When talking about Grand Blue we can definitely say that this comedy is worth it. Unlike some comedy mangas which were actually pretty dull. Except for a few moments where there was some comedy. This manga really had me crying from laughter all the time while reading it.  For now, all of the chapters were funny and good. However, if you want to get into some deep anime. Something seinen with a deep plot. Then, I would not recommend this to you. But if you are looking for some manga that can help you relax and laugh. Then, this is your ticket to paradise.

Fortunately for those that do not read the manga, the anime adaptation is coming out soon. And we can expect it to be pretty good.  The art itself was nothing special. And, even though I usually look for good art or kind-off original ones. This one had a pretty normal art. The art itself was nothing special except a few certain scenes which you will see. Although, in those scenes, the art is top notch.  Don’t want to spoil them for you.   The plot revolves around diving. Yes, like all other anime and manga, the story is set in the school. Actually, it is set in college.  The story also features a lot of perks from college life. Such as nudity and drinking, which are pretty common at college. If you enjoy nice comedy Grand Blue will definitely be for you.

Grand Blue manga gets an anime adaptation - Poster
Grand Blue manga gets an anime adaptation – Poster

Grand Blue manga gets an anime adaptation information

Kodansha’s magazine revealed to us the previously mentioned date set for the release of the anime adaptation.  Grand Blue is a manga illustrated and written by Kenji Inoue and Kimitako Yoshioka.  Not much is known about the anime release date yet. But we can expect some more news on March 7th. The wait won’t be long for the news. However, when will we be getting this anime. I’m hoping that 2018 is the year of this. Although, there are high possibilities we won’t see it until 2019.


For now, we don’t know too much about when the anime will air. However, we do know about the plot. And I’ll tell you why I think you should read/watch it.  Grand Blue is a manga about diving, as usually, a freshman enters college. The main characters need to join a club and being confused which one to join. He joins the diving club after being invited by his senpai.  The MC falls in love with the sport of diving and soon becomes attached to it.  You would expect the full story to about diving, and the diving club. However, it is not entirely focused on that. It gets sidetracked quite often. In a very comedic way.

Now to explain the art in more detail. It kind of reminds me of Prison School. The facial expressions are drawn in such a way it makes you gag. The story itself is filled with gags and puns that are nicely spread out through the timeline. The characters along with the main one are unique and all have their own quirks. Even though they seem a bit generic at first. This manga gets better and better the more you read it. And the same can be said for the anime when it airs. Personally, I would give the manga an 8.5/10 just because I don’t usually dive into comedy too much. And prefer a bit more of a complex story.  Now that we have finished with this I’d like to ask you if you have time to check out Blossom Detective Holmes Tech blog. It’s a promising  Kickstarter anime project.

Grand Blue manga gets an anime adaptation - expression
Grand Blue manga gets an anime adaptation – expression


Off-topic Fact -03

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