SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online: Episode 1 ‘Squad Jam’ Review

Not seen SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1 yet? Maybe this review can convince you to give it a try. I am positive that you would come to enjoy it. SAO suffers from a lot of criticism and as a result, the SAO Alternative version -- Gun Gale Online is indirectly suffering as well. While everyone has their own likes and dislikes, SAO A GGO is definitely a series which scores above average across a lot of parameters. If you love guns and multiplayer games then you would most probably come to love this series. Before we get started with the review -- first, a bit of some basic information about the series.

About the Series

Gun Gale Online is based on an alternative setting inspired by the anime series Sword Art Online II. The anime series is an adaptation of the Light Novel of the same name. Sigsawa Keiichi, SAO A GGO author, served as gun supervisor for the Sword Art Online II anime series. While the Light Novel series of GGO is supervised by Reki Kawahara, author of Sword Art Online light novels, Kuroboshi Kouhaku is doing the illustrations.

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SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1: ‘Squad Jam’ -- Review

There are two kinds of people -- those who love SAO and those who don’t love SAO. I am kidding but in all seriousness, SAO A GGO will also suffer a similar fate. It seems to me that the strongest criticism would be about the lack of a very good overall plot and very poor character development. But on the positive side, we get to enjoy the presence of strong characters right from episode one. Since it is premature to comment on the overall plot just from this first episode, let us hope that there is a great plot waiting to unravel itself for us.


SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1

As the series was building on the backdrop of SAO the first episode has not revealed anything related to the overall plot. We don’t know anything about the characters real lives, nor about their dreams and aspirations. All we can clearly notice is that they love to play in the Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer game -- Gun Gale Online. For SAO fan, SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1 does a good job of making them feel at home.


SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1 introduces us two characters -- M and LLENN. They are seen playing as a team in a battle royale style tournament named <Squad Jam> and with the team name <<LM>>. One of the characters, LLENN is a female avatar of less than 150 cm in height. Dressed in full body peach pink clothing she probably clearly stands out almost everywhere. But if you have read the LN, you would know that this ‘desert pink’ is something that makes her be amazing at her gameplay. The other character, M is around 190 cm tall and has a  sturdy body frame with a wide chest. He carries a lot of gear with him probably to help him overcome any grim situation that he would ever face. He is quite knowledgeable about guns and other combat-related techniques.

The characters seem very well-developed and this is good as well and bad. The good is that we get to see their skills in action and this would make the series an amazing watch. The bad is that there is going to be little to no character development. Especially M, we cannot hope for him to show progress in any aspect as he is already very overpowering. LLENN is promising as she would be going to some character development and will play a major role in the success of this series.

Animation Style

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1

The animation detail is of great quality and definitely falls under the high budget category. The main characters are beautifully drawn and I especially loved LLENN and her expressions. The details of the environment are great too. The series is an enjoyable watch when it comes to animation style. SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1 has many instances where the animation quality shines.


SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1

The dialogues are good and if you love gun related talk you would love them much more. LLENN especially has good dialogues and her humour along with her expressions make her stand out. This would be something that we can expect to be so for the rest of the series. SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1 was hilarious enough thanks to her.

The red dot signifies active team (leader) and the grey dots signify eliminated teams.

The series is intelligent. That is something I really love about this series in general. The way the rules of the game are used by the teams to gain an advantage in the game makes the series interesting to watch. When M talks about rappelling, he explains that apart from games skills, player’s innate ability can also be used in the game. This has got me all excited as it would mean we get to see amazing fights with good tactics.


The score and the sound effects were decent. The action scenes were well done and this is something that we can expect to only improve as the series progresses. The voice cast of the main characters was satisfactory. Maybe they could have been better. While the OP song was average to below average, I loved the ED song. Its art quality is amazing too and hence makes for an enjoyable watch. The link for the song is below, do check it out.

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SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online: Episode 02 -- Preview

The second episode seems to provide a glimpse of the real life of the character ‘LLENN.’

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 02 Preview

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The biggest challenge this series will have to deal with is to keep its viewers engaged and engrossed. It has to keep them wanting for more. If we are going to speak from the SAO experience, this series definitely needs to introduce very interesting and powerful villains.  The plot must be good and at least one or two of the characters must show good character development. I liked the first episode and am excited about the next one. If you have loved SAO surely go ahead and watch the first episode and even if you have not liked SAO, I would suggest for you to give this a chance. Overall, SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1 was above average. Let me know your thoughts on this series. If you have watched the first episode do let me know what you have liked or disliked.

Review Snapshot

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1






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