Star Ocean Anamnesis headed west this July

Star Ocean Anamnesis western release Earlier this week, Square-Enix revealed a global launch for their mobile gacha game, Star Ocean Anamnesis. Originally launched in Japan in 2016, Square-Enix is bringing the title stateside for a 2018 release. Check out this trailer on their North American YouTube channel. Dark Souls Remastered Preview   Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Dragalia Lost, a new JRPG by Nintendo and Cygames, comes to mobile devices later this year!

Dragalia Lost announced by Nintendo Cygames, known for developing Granblue Fantasy, is working on a new JRPG. Co-developed by Nintendo, Dragalia Lost is the collaboration of their latest project for iOS and Android devices. As a result, Nintendo will develop Dragalia Lost as their first IP for smartphones. As the initial project was developed by