Vinland Saga Gets TV Anime Adaptation, Announces 2019 Premiere

The hype is real and finally, Vinland Saga is getting a TV anime adaptation. The adaptation is to be done by WIT Studios.  If you are wondering who that is, well. . . You can thank WIT for making Attack on Titan. The studio that produced is no other than this one. And they are making an adaptation of Vinland Saga. Now that we know they can bring forth quality adaptation. There is no need to say anything else but HYPE! Hold your horses. What actually surprised me a bit. It is the fact the adaptation for the  TV anime will also exclusively stream on Amazon Prime.

Updated Information (13/08/2018)

Alright, so as soon as I heard new information regarding Vinland Saga, I had to come back into this post I have made, I actually wanted to make a new post However, the information provided is just a short information that can help you, but is not really worth covering in an entire blog post. Last Friday on Twitter, Makoto Yukimura posted a tweet with a photo of his 21st Vinland Saga manga volume. The volume had revealed to us that the anime adaptation will be premiering in 2019. Although we do know this, there has not been a specific date set, nor has there been any new critical information revealed. As soon as we hear more, we will be sure to notify you of it.

TVアニメ「ヴィンランド・サガ 」ティザーPV


Vinland Saga gets TV anime adaptation

An official promo video has been released from the WIT studio. Last Monday, an official website and twitter account have been launched for Vinland Saga.  Makoto Yukimars thrilling manga is finally getting an anime adaptation.  Makoto’s manga Planetes has had many positive reviews. But it is nowhere near similar to Vinland Saga. And I gotta say Vinland Saga is something very brutal.  The manga has a dark feeling to it.  Even among other Seinen manga. Vinland Saga is brutal, and I gotta say much more brutal.  Vagabond, Berserk, and other familiar mangas are nothing compared to the brutality in Vinland Saga. The world setting is focusing primarily on Vikings at first.

The main character, Thorfinn is the son of one of the Vikings greatest warriors. Very skilled at combat, and is also among the top fighters in the band of mercenaries.  Askeladd who is the leader of the band is actually Thorfinns sworn enemy. Thorfinn plans to kill him for causing pain and agony for his family. Still unable to defeat him, he spends his childhood with the mercenaries. He slowly hones his hills on cruel battlefields. The story has a lot more details, and it becomes very good. It has intense action, violence, and very complex character development, but not a confusing one.  I would definitely recommend this as a must-read.

Vinland Saga gets TV anime adaptation - poster
Vinland Saga gets TV anime adaptation -- poster

If you are not a fan of manga, then I would definitely recommend watching the anime. Whenever it premiers. I will be very excited about it. However, I’d like to know some release date first. As that would most probably help me be at peace.  Knowing when it will air, will help ease my mind. And wait for it patiently.

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